Name Guido Seddone
Affiliation Assistant Professor at the University of Parma; Visiting Fellow at Georgetown University, Washington DC; Marie-Curie Fellow
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Areas of Research Collective Agency, Collective Responsibility, Commitment, Evolutionary Theory and Social Science, Social Ontology, Naturalism and Hegel
Biographical Info Born in Nuoro, Italy on Novermber the 6th 1975 Master degree in Philosophy at the University of Pisa, Italy, graduation thesis on R. Rorty Phd in philosophical studies at the University of Cagliari, Italy. Dissertation on R. Brandom, Pragmatism and Inferentialism. Second Phd in philosophy at the University of Leipzig, Germany, dissertation on Social Ontology. Present Occupation: Assistant Professor at the University of Parma; appointed for the HEGNAT project, GA 704127 Marie-Curie Global Fellowship