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List of Members (in alphabetical order)

Name Research Areas
Jonathan Echeverri Álvare
Eric Eisenstein Causation in the Social Sciences, Experiments in Social Sciences, Models and Social Sciences, Quantitative Methods in Social Science, Philosophy of Technology
Steve Elliott
Corinna Elsenbroich Collective Intentionality, Collective Rationality, Collective Agency, Formal Epistemology, Analytical Sociology, Causation in the Social Sciences, Game Theory and Sociality, Philosophy of Sociology, Social Mechanisms, Social Norms, Social Ontology, Social Simulation, Agent Based Modelling
Julius Elster Realism and Anti-Realism, Social Ontology, Philosophy of Sociology, The concept of reflexivity; Philosophy of Mind; Social Morphogenesis; Predicate–Property Distinction
Demet Evrenosoglu methodological individualism / holism, political implications of method in social science.
Benedikt Fait Causation in the Social Sciences, Experiments in Social Sciences, Philosophy of Economics, Models and Social Sciences, Emergence and Complexity
Mirko Farina
Uljana Feest Cognitive Sciences and Neurosciences, Experiments in Social Sciences, Paradigms and Research Traditions in Social Sciences, Philosophy of Psychology, methodology of the social sciences, social psychology
Brena Fernandez
Anthony Ferreira Cognitive Sciences and Neurosciences, Philosophy of Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Philosophy, Social Norms, Emergence and Complexity
Yulie Foka-Kavalieraki Rational Choice Theory, Cognitive Sciences and Neurosciences
Craig Fox
Michèle Friend
Gerhard Fröhlich, a.Univ.Prof.Dr.
Learry Gagne
Igal Galili Philosophy of Science in Physics Education
Javier Gallego Argumentation Theory, Rhetoric and Social Sciences, Philosophy of Sociology, Qualitative Methods in Social Science, Social Epistemology and Cognitive Sociology, Sociology of Science, Sociology of secrecy, Folk sociology
Luciana Garbayo
Dustin Garlitz Philosophy of Anthropology, Philosophy of Economics, Philosophy of History, Philosophy of Sociology, Ethical/Political Issues and Social Sciences