The purpose of the European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences (ENPOSS) is to promote, encourage and facilitate academic discussion and research in the philosophy of the social sciences.

ENPOSS advocates an inclusive conception of the philosophy of the social sciences dealing with the whole range of multifarious philosophical issues raised by the social sciences. Moreover, ENPOSS invites discussion of these issues by philosophers as well as social scientists.

ENPOSS will aim to advance these aims in two principal ways:

First, by means of organizing annual Conferences that will allow scholars working within this area to meet and exchange ideas.  Every second or so year, these ENPOSS Conferences will be organized as joint conferences with the Philosophy of the Social Sciences Roundtable held regularly in the USA since 1999 and in Paris in 2011.

Second, by setting up an ENPOSS website that will facilitate active communication among philosophers, social scientists and other scholars interested in the philosophy of the social sciences. The website will also serve as a platform providing information of activities, events, etc organized by other societies or networks working in similar areas.

ENPOSS was founded by Alban Bouvier (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris), Byron Kaldis (Hellenic Open University, Athens), Thomas Uebel (University of Manchester), Julie Zahle (University of Copenhagen), and Jesús Zamora-Bonilla (UNED, Madrid) in 2011.

Its current steering committee consists of María Jiménez-Buedo (UNED, Madrid), Chrysostomos Mantzavinos (University of Athens), Eleonora Montuschi (Ca’Foscari University, Venice), and Julie Zahle (University of Bergen).

To contact the network, send an email to info@enposs.eu.