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Event title Conference: The Ethics of Trust and Expertise
Event date May 31, 2022 - June 01, 2022
Submission deadline March 15, 2022
Location Armenia
Host(s) American University of Armenia
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Event title Workshop: Direct interaction: methods of research, epistemology, and conceptualization
Event date June 02, 2022 - June 04, 2022
Location Romania
Host(s) Center for Applied Philosophy, Babeş-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca 
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Event title Synthese Topical Issue: The meta-metaphysics of social ontology
Event date June 15, 2022
Submission deadline June 15, 2022
Location n/a
Host(s) n/a
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Event title Second Summer School on Economic Behaviours: Models, Measurements, and Policies
Event date June 26, 2022 - July 01, 2022
Submission deadline April 30, 2022
Location Como, Italy
Host(s) Villa del Grumello
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Event title Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice (SPSP) Ninth Biennial Conference
Event date July 02, 2022 - July 04, 2022
Submission deadline February 01, 2022
Location Belgium
Host(s) Ghent University, Ghent
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Event title Conference: Thomas Kuhn and the 21st Century Philosophy of Science
Event date July 13, 2022 - July 15, 2022
Submission deadline February 28, 2022
Location UK
Host(s) University of Kent
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Event title Conference: Social Ontology and Collective Intentionality 2022
Event date August 23, 2022 - August 26, 2022
Submission deadline January 31, 2022
Location Austria
Host(s) University of Vienna
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