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Event: Workshop: Metacognition in Individuals and Groups

Event date September 22, 2016 - September 23, 2016
Submission deadline June 26, 2016
Location Germany
Host(s) the University of Stuttgart
Event website/information -

Metacognition in Individuals and Groups

University of Stuttgart, September, 22nd and 23rd.


The workshop Metacognition in Individuals and Groups will take place at the University of Stuttgart (Germany) on September 22nd and 23rd. We invite anonymized abstracts from collective epistemology, philosophy of cognition, social ontology, philosophy of sociology, social choice theory and related areas on the broader workshop topic between 500-1000 words for 45-minutes presentations to be submitted until 26th of June to

Travel expenses and accommodation for accepted contributors will be covered.


Invited Speakers:

Bryce Huebner (Georgetown University)

Joelle Proust (Institut Jean Nicod)

Santiago Arango Muñoz (University Antioquia Colombia)

Anja Berninger (Universität Stuttgart)

Tillmann Vierkant (PPLS Edinburgh)


Workshop Topic

Some groups appear to display properties of rational and irrational belief and action. The aim of the workshop “Metacognition in Individuals and Groups” is to discuss perspectives on rational belief in a way that connects the individual, the social and the collective dimensions of the topic. The core question concerns capacities of self-monitoring of individual agents that are subsumed under the label “metacognition” and how they play out on the social and collective scale. Moreover, it is to be discussed how groups scaffold and amplify individual rationality and irrationality as well as how the metacognitive abilities of groups depend on the metacognitive abilities of their members. The workshop aims at integrating different disciplines that look at groups and study their epistemic properties. It wants to connect experienced and junior researchers who have an interest in the questions similar or related to the ones listed below and to promote the exchange of concepts, data, models, methods and views on rational and adaptive groups.


Sample Questions

What are functional analogues of metacognition in groups?

What mechanisms of collective self-monitoring exist?

What standards of rationality do groups have to meet to be agent-like?

Which social dimensions does individual metacognition have?

In which ways are individual and group metacognition related?

Which analogues to individual-level rational deficiencies can be found in groups?

In which way can groups amplify or constrain the rationality or irrationality of their members?

Could the lack or corruption of group-metacognitive abilities explain group-failure?

Which structures in groups and their institutions are epistemically beneficial or detrimental?

When do norms of individual and group-rationality conflict?


Abstracts that make claims and lines of argument transparent are to be submitted until 26th of June to

The abstracts should be anonymized for peer review and be 500-1000 words long (references not included). The paper should be suitable for 45-minutes presentations. Notifications of acceptance will be made by July 15th.




Prof. Dr. Catrin Misselhorn

Direktorin des Instituts für Philosophie der Universität Stuttgart

Lehrstuhl für Wissenschaftstheorie und Technikphilosophie

Seidenstr. 36

D-70174 Stuttgart



Tobias Störzinger,

Doktorand am Lehrstuhl für Wissenschaftstheorie und Technikphilosophie

Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Philosophie

Seidenstraße 36

70174 Stuttgart



Dr. Christoph Michel

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Lehrstuhl für Wissenschaftstheorie und Technikphilosophie

Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Philosophie

Seidenstraße 36

70174 Stuttgart

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