University of Bergen, Norway

28 August – 30 August, 2024

Keynote Speakers
Philip Kitcher (Columbia University)
Federica Russo (Utrecht University)

Book Symposium
Mantzavinos, C. “The Constitution of Science,” Cambridge University Press, 2024

Conference Information
For information about conference practicalities, see here.
For the conference program, see here.

Registration for the Conference
Registration is required for participants who do not present at the conference. Please note that registration is on a first-come-first-served basis and that only a limited number of seats are available.
There is no registration fee.
To register send an email to Maximilian van Remmen (maximilian.vanremmen@uib.no) with the subject header “ENPOSS Registration.”
Deadline for registration: August 1, 2024.

Local Organizing Committee
Julie Zahle (chair), Kevin Cahill, Maximilian van Remmen.

ENPOSS Steering Committee
María Jiménez-Buedo (UNED, Madrid), Chrysostomos Mantzavinos (University of Athens), Eleonora Montuschi (Ca’Foscari University, Venice), Julie Zahle (University of Bergen).

Scientific Committee
Sonja Amadae, Alessandra Basso, Maria Caamaño, Christopher Clarke, Melissa Fernández Vergara, Roberto Fumagalli, Roberto Gronda, Jens Harbecke, Inkeri Koskinen, Sabina Leonelli, Chiara Lisciandra, Magdalena Malecka, Carlo Martini, Corrado Matta, Michiru Nagatsu, Robert Northcott, Samuli Reijula, David Schweikard, Johanna Thoma, Petri Ylikoski.

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