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Event: Workshop on Shared and Temporally Extended Agency

Event date April 28, 2017 - April 29, 2017
Registration deadline April 10, 2017
Location Copenhagen
Host(s) Center for Subjectivity Research, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen
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Most of our intentional actions are complex actions that are composed of many smaller intentional actions. This is true both of the actions we perform on our own and those we perform together with others. Indeed, philosophical reflection on shared agency and temporally extended agency raise closely related questions that may (or may not) have common or similar answers.

These questions include, for example:

  • What is individual intention and “shared intention”? How are they related?
  • How is rational coordination possible? How can defection or temptation be rationally resisted?
  • What is the relation between our awareness of our own actions and of the actions of others?

The aim of this workshop is to throw light on the phenomena of shared and temporally extended agency, as well as the parallels and differences between these phenomena.


  • Adrian Alsmith (University of Copenhagen)
  • Michael E. Bratman (Stanford University)
  • Stephen Butterfill (University of Warwick)
  • Ezio Di Nucci (University of Copenhagen)
  • Natalie Gold (King’s College, London)
  • Thor Gr├╝nbaum (University of Copenhagen)
  • Lilian O’Brien (University College Cork)
  • Thomas Smith (University of Manchester)
  • Johanna Thoma (London School of Economics)
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