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Event: Institutional Epistemology Workshop

Event date June 20, 2022 - June 21, 2022
Location Finland
Host(s) University of Helsinki + Zoom (hybrid)
Event website/information
Institutional Epistemology Workshop
20-21 June 2022
University of Helsinki + Zoom (hybrid)
Invited speakers:
Cailin O’Connor, UC Irvine
Gloria Origgi, Institut Jean Nicod (CNRS-ENS-EHESS)
Kristina Rolin, Tampere University
Raul Hakli, Säde Hormio and Samuli Reijula (University of Helsinki)
Institutional epistemology aims to understand the formal and informal institutions of social knowledge production. The approach extends social epistemology by combining it with the perspectives of philosophy of science, social ontology and political philosophy, and takes into account the empirical and theoretical resources of the social, behavioural and cognitive sciences. Hence, an institutional epistemology approach investigates questions such as what kind of incentive structures enable the efficient, reliable and fair pursuit of knowledge, and the epistemic powers of institutions.
The programme for the workshop is available at
To attend, either in person or via Zoom, please send an email to by 15 June. You are welcome to attend the whole workshop or sessions of your choice.
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