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Event: Conference: Philosophical Perspectives on Social Science and the Holocaust

Event date June 09, 2022 - June 10, 2022
Location Online conference
Host(s) University of Toulouse
Event website/information
June 9th and 10th (Thursday and Friday), the third part of the conference “Social Psychology and the Holocaust” will take place, mainly devoted to the philosophical aspects of the question.
It will be held by videoconference.
To register, you can click here or send me an email.
The program of the conference is here and in postscript.

Philosophical Perspectives on Social Science and the Holocaust

Thursday 9 June — 2pm-5pm (UTC+1)

John DORIS (Cornell University) — Rewriting the History of Psychology?

New —and Old— Commentary on Milgram and Zimbardo

Pascal LUDWIG (Sorbonne University) — Why do perpetrators obey? The relevance of Milgram’s experiment for perpetrators’ studies

Daniel Little (University of Michigan-Dearborn) — Historicizing Social Actions

Isabelle DELPLA (Jean Moulin University) — Philosopher sur et philosopher dans

Friday 10 June — 2pm-5pm (UTC+1)

Karsten STUEBER (College of the Holy Cross) — Only Fragmentary Understanding is Possible: On the Limits of Empathy, Theories, and Narratives

Raphaël KÜNSTLER (Toulouse University) — Facing Monsters and Facing Oneself: Historiography and Introspection

Paul ROTH — Hearts of Darkness: Twenty Years Later

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