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Event: Second Annual Stockholm Region Workshop on Economics & Philosophy

Event date October 12, 2018
Submission deadline September 24, 2018
Location Sweden
Host(s) Stockholm University
Event website/information For further info, write to


The Annual Stockholm Region Workshop on Economics & Philosophy aims to stimulate interactions between philosophy, economics, and neighboring disciplines in the Stockholm region and beyond. This year’s workshop will take place on the Frescati campus of Stockholm University on Friday October 12.

Philosophers, economists, or others interested in presenting at the workshop should feel free to submit an abstract, no matter their geographical location. Any topic in the intersection of economics and philosophy and/or neighboring disciplines is welcome, including but not limited to:

¶ methodological questions such as the justification of idealizing models, the design of experiments, or the legitimacy causal inferences

¶ normative questions such as the definition or measurement of welfare, well-being, equality, or their respective aggregations

¶ political questions such as paternalism, equality, liberty etc., to the extent that they are influenced by economics as a science

¶ foundational questions like the conceptualization of probability, utility, preference, rationality, cooperation, or altruism

Our main aim is to bring together diverse people with a common interest from the region and beyond; we therefore will keep presentations short. If you are interested, please send a short abstract (max 400 words) to by September 24.

Participation will be free. We do not anticipate having access to funding for travel and lodging.

The event is organized jointly by the Philosophy Departments at Stockholm University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and sponsored by the PPE Network at Stockholm University <>.

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