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Event: Call for Papers: Journal of Social Ontology

Event date April 04, 2014
Location Journal of Social Ontology
Host(s) Editor-in-Chief Hans Bernhard Schmid, University of Vienna.
Event website/information

Call for Papers: Journal of Social Ontology

 Journal of Social Ontology (JSO) is a new journal dedicated to the philosophical study of sociality (see below for more info). This first call for papers covers all of social ontology and philosophy of sociality, so submissions (up to 90,000 characters in length) on any special theme are welcome.

 The first issue of JSO is scheduled for January 2015. Submissions received before April 4, 2014, will be considered for that issue. Submissions received after that will be considered for the next issues.

 Acceptance is subject to blind refereeing. Accepted articles will appear online first.
The journal website is

The site for submissions is at

 The Journal of Social Ontology (JSO) is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to social ontology and collective intentionality. JSO features scholarly work pertaining to the basic structures of the social world from a variety of disciplinary perspectives including moral, social, and political philosophy, anthropology, cognitive science, economics, history, law, political science, and psychology. The topics that JSO covers range from small-scale everyday interactions to encompassing societal institutions, from expert teams to hierarchical organizations, and from unintended consequences to institutional design. The journal provides a forum for exchanges between scholars of diverse disciplinary and methodological backgrounds. In addition to major articles, JSO publishes review essays, discussion articles, and book reviews.



Hans Bernhard Schmid, University of Vienna.

Managing Editor

Alessandro Salice, University of Copenhagen.


Frank Hindriks, University of Groningen; Heikki Ikäheimo, University of

New South Wales, Sydney; Arto Laitinen, University of Tampere; David

Schweikard, University of Münster.

Editorial Board

Lynne Baker, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Monika Betzler,

University of Bern; Luc Bovens, London School of Economics and Political

Science; Robert Brandom, University of Pittsburgh; Michael Bratman,

Stanford University; David Copp, University of California, Davis; Vincent

Descombes, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris; Margaret

Gilbert, University of California, Irvine; Axel Honneth, University of

Frankfurt; Martin Kusch, University of Vienna; Eerik Lagerspetz, University

of Turku; Tony Lawson, University of Cambridge; Uskali Mäki, University

of Helsinki; Larry May, Vanderbilt University, Nashville; Seumas

Miller, Charles Sturt University and Delft University of Technology; Élisabeth

Pacherie, École Normale Supérieure, Paris; Philip Pettit, Princeton

University; Michael Quante, University of Münster; John Searle, University

of California, Berkeley; Barry Smith, University of Buffalo; Robert

Sugden, University of East Anglia; Michael Tomasello, Max-Planck-

Institut für Evolutionäre Anthropologie, Leipzig; Raimo Tuomela, University

of Helsinki.

Manuscript Submission

Journal Homepage


Article length

Articles: up to 90,000 characters.
Book reviews: up to 7,500 characters.
Cumulative book reviews: up to 12,000 characters.


Book reviews, contact

We also kindly ask publishers to send books (to be reviewed) to:
Arto Laitinen
Pinni B4135
School of Social Sciences and Humanities/Philosophy
33014 University of Tampere


JSO is free of charge for the members of the International Social Ontology Society (ISOS). See for further info. It is possible to join ISOS in connection to the conferences it supports. These include the biennial Conferences on Collective Intentionality (see e.g., the biennial European Network for Social Ontology workshops (see e.g., and related conferences and workshops.


For non-members, the subscription rates are € 49.00 / *US$ 74.00 for individual online subscription, € 99.00 / *US$ 134.00 for print subscription (or library inline subscription), and € 119.00/ *US$ 160.00 for print+online subscription. There are two issues in a volume.

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