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Event: Online Workshop in Economics

Event date October 01, 2020 - October 02, 2020
Submission deadline August 31, 2020
Location Chile
Host(s) Institute of Economics, Universidad Austral de Chile
Event website/information For further info, write to Luis Valenzuela (


Reflections on the thought of Manfred Max-Neef: A dialogue with contemporary economics

1-2 October, 8am to 1pm Chilean Time (UTC -3h)

Deadline for submissions:
31 August 5pm Chilean Time (UTC -4h)

Institute of Economics, Universidad Austral de Chile

Scientific Committee:
María Del Valle Barrera (Universidad Austral de Chile)
Patricio Belloy (Universidad Austral de Chile & University of Massachusetts Boston)
Jean Pierre Doussoulin (Universidad Austral de Chile)
Felix Fuders (Universidad Austral de Chile)
Roberto Pastén (Universidad Austral de Chile)
Matías Petersen (Universidad de los Andes, Chile)
Luis Valenzuela (Universidad Austral de Chile)

It is one year since the renowned Chilean economist, and winner of the “Alternative Nobel Prize”, Professor Manfred Max-Neef, passed away. The Institute of Economics at the Universidad Austral de Chile (Max-Neef’s main academic residency until his death), is organising a workshop to honor his memory and, at the same time, bring together original research related to his scholarly work.

Applicants have complete freedom regarding the topics and perspectives that may qualify for the workshop, as long as they relate to the scholarly work of Professor Max-Neef. The main criteria of acceptance will be novelty and quality. Topics welcomed for submission include (but are not limited to) the following key areas of Professor Max-Neef’s research:

Barefoot Economics (points of departure from conventional approaches to economics).
Human Scale Development (fundamental human needs, choices of satisfiers, etc).
Threshold Hypothesis (decoupling growth, energy consumption, and/or environmental damage from quality of life).

Submissions can take (but are not limited to) one or more of the following approaches:

Comparative (with other authors or schools of thought)
Historical (focus on the roots,inspiration, and sources of Max-Neef’s ideas)
Expansive (expand a particular idea to reveal further implications)
Critical (expose shortcomings, contradictions, or other issues that might be of interest)
Impact appraisal (reflect on the influence Max-Neef ideas had on other theories, authors,
institutions, etc).

Book project:
The workshop organisers will invite a subgroup of proposals presented to participate in  an edited book about Professor Max-Neef’s intellectual legacy. The book is aimed at a widespread readership within economics and other social sciences, beyond the circles already acquainted with Max-Neef’s ideas. Participation in the workshop does not guarantee an invitation to be part of the book project. Authors invited to the book retain their right to decline to participate.
Application details:
To apply, please send an abstract no longer than 500 words to, with ‘Abstract submission MAX-NEEF WORKSHOP’ in the subject line.
Please notice the official language of the workshop is ENGLISH.

The deadline for abstract submissions is 31 August 2020 at 5pm Chilean Time (UTC -4h). We will let you know the outcome of your application by 9 September 2020.
Information about registration for the event will be circulated in due course. If you are
interested in attending but are not planning to send an abstract, pre-register your interest by sending an email to, with ‘Attendance MAX-NEEF WORKSHOP’ in the subject line.
Further questions:
If you have any questions, please contact Luis Valenzuela (



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