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Event: 8th Munich-Sydney-Tilburg (MuST) Conference OBJECTIVITY IN SCIENCE

Event date June 10, 2015 - June 12, 2015
Submission deadline January 15, 2015
Location Tilburg University, the Netherlands
Host(s) Tilburg Center for Logic, General Ethics and Philosophy of Science (TiLPS)
Event website/information

8th Munich-Sydney-Tilburg (MuST) Conference


Tilburg Center for Logic, General Ethics and Philosophy of Science (TiLPS)

Tilburg University, the Netherlands

10–12 June 2015




Martin Kusch, University of Vienna

Stéphanie Ruphy, Grenoble Alpes University

Marcel Weber, University of Geneva

James Woodward, University of Pittsburgh

SUBMISSION DEADLINE (extended abstracts of 1000 words): 15 January 2015


NOTIFICATION DATE: 15 February 2015


GRADUATE STUDENT ESSAY PRIZE: There is a graduate student essay

prize of € 250. If you wish to be considered please submit a full

paper, a CV and a travel budget in addition to your extended abstract.


CONFERENCE BLURB: The authority of science is closely tied its

objectivity. Objectivity is widely perceived as an antidote to

harmful bias in scientific research, and to an undesirable blending

of scientific and political values. But what makes a scientific

claim or a scientific inference objective? Can the ideal of

objectivity be attained it all? Should we even strive for it? After

all, several recent philosophical analyses have challenged and

criticized the ideals of objectivity and value-freedom in science.

This conference encourages philosophers and scientists to present

their research on objectivity in science. We aim at a plurality of

perspectives and invite work from general philosophy of science as

well as contributions that focus on a specific science, the science

and values debate, or the role of objectivity in scientific policy advice.

For more information, please visit the conference website mentioned




Matteo Colombo (Tilburg)

Mark Colyvan (Sydney)

Raoul Gervais (TiLPS)

Paul Griffiths (Sydney)

Stephan Hartmann (Munich)

Jan Sprenger (Tilburg)



Anna Alexandrova (Cambridge)

Alexander Bird (Bristol)

Mieke Boon (Twente)

Sally Haslanger (MIT)

Catherine Herfeld (LMU)

Milena Ivanova (Sydney/LMU)

Chiara Lisciandra (Helsinki)

Helen Longino (Stanford)

Peter Machamer (Pittsburgh HPS)

Michela Massimi (Edinburgh)

Massimo Pigliucci (CUNY)

Julian Reiss (Durham)

David Teira (UNED Madrid)

Torsten Wilholt (Hannover)

John Worrall (LSE)

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