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Event: Ernst Mach workshop XI: Causation – Structure, Models and Realism

Event date May 23, 2023 - May 24, 2023
Submission deadline March 31, 2023
Location Prague, Czechia
Host(s) Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences
Event website/information

CFP: Ernst Mach workshop XI: Causation – Structure, Models and Realism, Prague, Czechia, May 23-24, 2023

This year’s workshop will concentrate on the topic of causation. Our main speakers are Carl Craver (Washington University) and Stuart Glennan (Butler University).

Some of the questions discussed during the 2-day event (May 23-24) include:

Does nature have a causal structure?

What are the arguments for causal realism?

Does knowing nature amount to knowing its causal structure?

How is the causal structure constraining our knowledge representations?

Is there a space for pluralism with regards to causal structures?

How do we select features of the causal structure that are explanatorily salient?


Presentations on other closely related topics are also welcome.

We cordially invite submissions for the in-person workshop that will take place in the Academic Conference Center ( in downtown Prague. Please, send your 300-word abstracts by March 31st and any other workshop related inquiries to We will conclude the selection procedure within 10 days from the submission deadline. More updates are to be found at


There is no registration fee for the workshop. The event is sponsored by the Strategy AV 21 program of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Local organizing team: Juraj Hvorecky, Tomas Marvan, Tomas Hribek and Martin Zach


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