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Event: Social Coordination: Principles, Artifacts and Theories (SOCIAL.PATH)

Event date April 02, 2013 - April 05, 2013
Submission deadline January 14, 2013
Registration deadline March 15, 2013
Location Exeter
Host(s) AISB
Event website/information

Social Coordination: Principles, Artifacts and Theories (SOCIAL.PATH)

Social science concepts such as norms, markets and rationality have found their way into computer science in general and agent-based research in particular where they model coordination and cooperation between largely independent autonomous computational entities. Vice versa, in the social sciences – sociology, philosophy, economics, legal science, etc. – computational models and their implementations have been used to investigate the rigour of theories and hypothesis.

The use of these social science concepts in computer science is sometimes on a more metaphorical level than a detailed implementation of the “real” concept and the theories surrounding it. Equally, the computer models used in the social sciences¬† are not always convincing.

After a history of around 30 years of agents in computer science, the meeting of these two worlds is long overdue. Building upon the two previous AISB symposia on normative multi-agent systems (2005 and 2010) as well as the ones on social networks (2009 and 2010) and social simulation (2012), this symposium aims to provide a productive meeting ground for these disciplines.
The main aim of this symposium is to facilitate future interactions and research between the two communities. The theme of social coordination was chosen because convergence is more evident in that area.

The format of the symposium will alternate short presentations with invited speakers and panel discussions to foster a dialogue between the communities.

Papers of interest include (but are not limited to):
position papers
provocative papers
early research papers
mature research papers

We especially invite cross-disciplinary papers. The technicality of the papers should take the mixed audience into consideration. Each submitted paper will be reviewed by at least one member of each community.

SOCIAL.PATH is part of the AISB Annual Convention 2013 to be held at the University of Exeter on April 2nd-5th 2013. See for more information about the convention. The convention is organised by the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour (AISB –
SOCIAL.PATH is supported by SINTELNET, The European network for social intelligence

Important Dates
Paper submission deadline: January 14, 2013.
Notification of acceptance: February 11, 2013.
Camera ready version: March 4, 2013.
Convention: 2nd April – 5th April 2013.
SOCIAL.PATH: during the convention, exact dates to be confirmed later

After the symposium all accepted papers will be published in a technical report series. A selection of papers will be published in a special issue of a relevant journal.

Selection for the symposium and special issue will be based on the possibility of fruitful discussions and the quality of the argument put forward.

Paper Submission Guidelines

The maximum length of a paper is 8 A4-sized pages in AISB2011 format
(format download:
Remember that even short papers can make for good discussions .
The paper should be in PDF format.
The paper should present unpublished work.
Please submit via the online paper submission system Easychair

Organizing committee
Tina Balke
Pablo Noriega
Harko Verhagen
Marina De Vos

Program committee
See the workshop website (

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