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Event: Conference: The Metametaphysics of Social Ontology

Event date January 12, 2022 - January 14, 2022
Location Online Conference
Host(s) Toulouse University
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The Metametaphysics of Social Ontology

Online Conference — Toulouse University — 12, 13, 14 January 2022

Despite their centrality to our ordinary, scientific, and political lives, social entities remain metaphysically mysterious. How to locate these entities and their properties within the natural world ? Should they be eliminated, reduced or regarded as primitive?

Social ontology is now a rapidly growing field of investigation, attracting the attention of more and more metaphysicians with very different approaches. To build a good social ontology, some authors think it suffices to rely on the standard tools of analytical philosophy: conceptual analysis, intuition, thought experiments, formalization, grounding. Others contend that social ontology should follow the social sciences.  Still others argue that social ontology is a form of descriptive metaphysics or, alternately, that the specificity of social entities requires an “ameliorative conceptual analysis”. This increasing diversity of approaches raises a concern: if we cannot agree on how even to practice social ontology, our current efforts will be at cross-purposes.

Speakers: Asta, Esa Diaz-Leon, Michael Esfeld, Michel Grossetti, Francesco Guala, Sally Haslanger, Frank Hindriks, Harold Kincaid, Kathrin Koslicki, Raphael Kunstler, Ron Mallon, Olivier Massin, Douglas Porpora, Katherine Ritchie, Don Ross, Paul Roth, Jonathan Schaffer

Conference organizer

Raphaël Kunstler

Conference attendance

The conference will be held online


There is no registration fee.

To register send an email to Raphaël Kunstler: raphael.kunstler [at] with the subject line: “I want to attend the MMSO conference”.

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