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Event: Social complexes: Parts and wholes. Perspectives from ethics, metaphysics and philosophy of action

Event date October 11, 2013 - October 12, 2013
Registration deadline October 04, 2013
Location Lund, Sweden
Host(s) Department of Philosophy, University of Lund, Metaphysics and Collectivity Group
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“Social complexes: Parts and wholes. Perspectives from ethics, metaphysics and philosophy of action” – Lund (Sweden), October 11-12, 2013.

The workshop aims to further dialogue among different philosophical sub-disciplines and approaches to the topic.

During the last few decades, philosophers have taken an increasing interest in the nature and ethics of social and institutional entities, such as groups and formal organizations. However, attempts to merge findings from the different philosophical sub-disciplines – in particular, mereology, social ontology, ethics and the metaphysics of agency – are still largely absent. The purpose of this conference is to bring together leading philosophers from the various sub-disciplines to encourage and initiate such cross-disciplinary research and collaboration.

Speakers: Don Baxter (University of Connecticut), Gunnar Björnsson (Umeå University), Johan Brännmark (Malmö University), Marion Godman (Helsinki University),  Johanna Seibt (Aarhus University), Peter Simons (University of Dublin), Anders Strand (University of Oslo), Andras Szigeti (University of Tromsø), Deborah Perron Tollefsen (University of Memphis), Julie Zahle (University of Copenhagen).

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Seating is limited and registration required. To register, please send a message by October, 4 to:

The conference is sponsored by the Erik & Gurli Hultengren’s Foundation for Philosophy and is organized by the Metaphysics & Collectivity group:

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