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Event: 5th Scientific Understanding and Representation (SURe) annual workshop 

Event date May 19, 2023 - May 20, 2023
Submission deadline January 20, 2023
Location Toronto, Canada & online
Host(s) University of Toronto
Event website/information

CFA: 5th Scientific Understanding and Representation (SURe) annual workshop 


Call for abstracts 


      We invite authors to submit abstracts (300-500 words) prepared for blind review for the upcoming 5th annual workshop Scientific Understanding and Representation (SURe). Please provide also information about your affiliation and contact details in a separate file. Submit your abstract via EasyChair. 



Submission deadline: January 20th, 2023 

Deadline for communicating decisions: February 20th, 2023 

Conference dates: May 19-20, 2023 


Keynote speakers: TBA 

The workshop will be hybrid. The in-person portion will take place at: 

University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.  

The online portion will take place via some of the common platforms and all the in-person talks will be streamed online.  

We will provide links in due course. 

 Workshop description 

Representations play a central role in scientists’ understanding of the world. From mathematical models to diagrams, different representations in highly varied contexts yield diverse insights across the physical, biological, and social sciences. Despite the fact that how a phenomenon is represented has far-reaching ramifications for how it is understood, the literatures on scientific understanding and scientific representation are largely independent of each other. The time is ripe to foster greater synergy between these two areas in the philosophy of science, as they face complementary problems—and hold the promise of complementary solutions. 

The conference will be held in honor of Margie Morrison. Submissions that engage with her work are encouraged. 

For more information about the workshop series, go here.

Local Organizing Committee 

Jamie Shaw (Co-Chair), Mike Miller (Co-Chair). 

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