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Event: Conference: Fifth Annual Meeting of the Nordic Network for Philosophy of Science

Event date April 20, 2017 - April 21, 2017
Submission deadline January 15, 2017
Registration deadline April 01, 2017
Location Copenhagen Denmark
Host(s) Co-arranged by Section for History and Philosophy of Science, Department of Science Education, Copenhagen University and members of the Department of Philosophy and LUCID, Lund University
Event website/information

Fifth Annual Meeting of the Nordic Network for Philosophy of Science

Copenhagen, April 20-21, 2017,

The Nordic Network for Philosophy of Science (NNPS) invites proposals for contributed talks and posters for its fifth annual meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark, April 20-21, 2017, co-arranged by the Section for History and Philosophy of Science at the Department of Science Education, Copenhagen University and members of the Department of Philosophy and LUCID, Lund University. Previous meetings were held in Uppsala (2013), Lund (2014), Helsinki (2015), and Tartu (2016).

NNPS2017 keynote lectures are given by:

  • Johanna Seibt (Aarhus)
  • Roger Strand (Bergen)
  • NN (to be confirmed)

We welcome contributed papers and posters from all areas of philosophy of science, including, but not limited to:

  • General philosophy of science: methodological, epistemological and metaphysical issues in sciences
  • Philosophy of special disciplines and meta-philosophy: philosophy of the natural sciences, life sciences, formal sciences, cognitive and behavioural sciences, humanities and the social sciences, technology and the applied sciences etc.
  • Logic and formal approaches to philosophy of science
  • Issue-centred research: Ethical, socio-political, historical and cultural issues in science

Contributions from scholars affiliated with institutions in the Nordic, Baltic, and Northern European regions are particularly welcome, as are contributions from junior researchers.

Participants should arrange their own travel and accommodation (suggestions will be available on the NNPS website). Pending budgetary approval, there may be limited funds to subsidize travel cost for scholars from Eastern Europe, as well as for PhD students and post-docs (i.e., those within seven years of their dissertation date at the time of the NNPS meeting).

Participants should also pay for their own meals. Pending budgetary approval, coffee and lunch during the meeting will be provided.

The official language of the conference is English.


Presentations last 20 minutes, followed by a 5 minutes peer-commentary (arranged by the organizers), and 15 minutes discussion. Presenters must send their (draft-)paper to their commentator no later than 2 weeks prior to the conference. Presenters must bid to deliver a peer-commentary based on all abstracts accepted for NNPS 2017. Only in exceptional cases may a presenter decline to prepare and deliver a peer-commentary, in which case an alternative will be sought (e.g., a dedicated commentator or someone willing to deliver two commentaries).

Posters are on display throughout the meeting as well as during a dedicated poster session, where authors should briefly introduce their poster. Posters are to be brought to the meeting.

Review process and criteria

A program committee will be set up headed by Henrik Kragh Sørensen (Copenhagen) and Henrik Thorén (Lund) and including recognized scholars in the field.

For each abstract, three reviewers are asked to evaluate submissions on the following criteria, and their individual scores are aggregated.

  • Within scope of conference (sine qua non condition)
  • Quality, originality, and relevance of topic, including relation to existing research (50%)
  • Clarity of main thesis and style of writing (50%)
  • January 15, 2017: Deadline for abstract submission
  • February 15, 2017: Notification of acceptance for papers and posters
  • March 1, 2017: start bidding for peer-commentary
  • March 15, 2017: all commentators assigned
  • March 20: preliminary program
  • April 1, 2017: Registration deadline
  • April 6, 2017: Deadline for sending manuscript to commentator
  • April 19: registration, 4pm to 6pm, with an informal reception
  • April 20-21, 2017: NNPS 2017 meeting, 9.00am to 6.30pm (both days)
  • April 20: conference dinner, 8pm

Important dates

Submission procedure

Abstracts for contributed papers and posters of no more than 800 words (excluding references) must be prepared for blind review and be submitted through EasyChair ( before midnight January 15, 2017 (Copenhagen time).

On the EasyChair site, please provide names and affiliations of all authors, and co-authors, identify the presenting author(s), indicate whether you submit an abstract for a paper or a poster, and whether you wish to be considered for a poster-slot (should the program be filled), and vice versa.

An author may be listed as co-author on multiple submissions but she or he can give at most one presentation.


The meeting takes place at the H. C. Ørsted Institute, Universitetsparken 5, 2100 København Ø.

The registration and pre-conference wine reception takes place at the Department of Science Education, Øster Voldgade 3, København K.

Questions and social interaction

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) consists of Henrik Kragh Sørensen and Mariana Vitti Rodrigues (Copenhagen) and Henrik Thorén and Frank Zenker (Lund).

All inquiries can be emailed to

To support the networking nature of the meeting, a Facebook page has been set up to which all participants are invited:


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