Name Antonino Palumbo
Affiliation Dpt. Studi Europei e Integrazione Internazionale (DEMS), Università degli studi di Palermo, Italy
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Areas of Research Ethical/Political Issues and Social Sciences, Models and Social Sciences, Philosophy of Political Science, Rational Choice Theory, Social Norms, normative policy analysis
Biographical Info Antonino Palumbo (Ma, PhD) is a political theorist who has recently worked on globalization, the transformation of governance and the implications of changes in state steering for modern representative democracies. He holds an Ma in PPE and a PhD in Politics from East Anglia University. Since 2002 he has been lecturer in political philosophy at Palermo University (Italy). He also is Honorary Senior Research Associate in the Department of Political Science, School of Public Policy, University College London. His research interests are in analytical theories of the state, human rights and social justice; state, identity and democratic theory; neo-liberalism, governance and applied ethics. His most recent works are: La Polity reticolare (XL Edizioni, 2011) and Globalizzazione e governance delle società multiculturali (co-edited with V. Segreto, Mimesis, 2011). He also is co-editor of Ashgate’s Library of Contemporary Essays in Political Theory and Public Policy. At present, he is writing a book titled Situating Governance: Context, Content, Critique to be published by ECPR Press in 2014.