Name Philippe Vellozzo
Areas of Research Social Epistemology and Cognitive Sociology, Social Norms, Philosophy of Sociology, Collective Intentionality, Group Mind, Philosophy of discrimination
Biographical Info My main research interests are in social philosophy and social epistemology. I worked on subjective experience for several years, trying to deflate the "explanatory gap" and dissolve the "hard problem" of consciousness with a serious commitment to physicalism and naturalism. I also worked on a new model for understanding collective experiences. After having received my PhD from the Institut Jean Nicod (EHESS), I co-founded a co-operative consultancy on social innovations related to diversity issues (class, gender, race, etc.). Then I joined the team of a digital marketing agency as an online reputation consultant. There I worked at analysing online communities, conversations and trends. I now wish to explore all conceptuel and empirical issues relevant to understanding social experience, i.e. the kind of subjective experience one has in virtue of belonging to a given social group or community. I'm particularly interested in the relation of social experiences to space (even in the so-called "digital age"). These questions are arguably central to social epistemology and to the philosophy of social sciences (most notably, of history and sociology). They might also play a key part in conceiving more efficient anti-discrimination policies.