The purpose of the European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences (ENPOSS) is to promote, encourage and facilitate academic discussion and research in the philosophy of the social sciences. To see the full text, click here.

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Call for Papers: 2015 Joint Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable & European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences Conference

University of Washington, Main Quad in Spring

8-10 May 2015
University of Washington, Seattle

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In May 2015 the Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable will meet jointly with the European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences. This will be the second joint meeting of the Roundtable and ENPOSS, and will continue a tradition of working conferences that brings together philosophers and social scientists to discuss a wide range of philosophical issues raised in and by social research. This joint meeting will be hosted by Alison Wylie at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Keynote Speakers

  • Abby Stewart (Tangri University Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies, University of Michigan): “Judging Others in the Academy: Implications of Uncertainty and Bias”
  • William Wimsatt (Winton Professor of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota Center for the Philosophy of Science; Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, and the Committees on Evolutionary Biology and Conceptual Foundations of Science, University of Chicago): “Scaffolding and Entrenchment in Cultural Evolution”

Abstracts for individual papers or symposia on any topic in philosophy of the social sciences or in the philosophy of social phenomena are welcome. We especially welcome papers and symposia that tackle philosophical issues as they arise in, and are consequential for, practicing social scientists. We expect to be able to provide several travel stipends of $500 USD for graduate students and early career scholars.

We will assemble a two and a half day program of papers to be presented in workshop format so that intensive discussion can be the focus of the meeting. Papers will be selected on the basis of an anonymous review of abstracts, and with an eye to ensuring that a broad mix of topics and disciplinary traditions are represented on the program. We particularly welcome contributions from early career colleagues and those new to the area. Selected papers from the Roundtable will be published in an annual special issue of Philosophy of the Social Sciences.

Only one contribution per person will be considered. Proposals may be for individual papers or thematic symposia and must be submitted through EasyChair.

For individual papers, submit an abstract of 800-1000 words, prepared for anonymous review.
For symposium proposals, submit a single file, prepared for anonymous review, that describes the theme of the symposium in 400-500 words, identifies the participants (a maximum of 4), and provides 500-600 word abstracts for each of their papers.

Program Committee
Program chair and local host: Alison Wylie (University of Washington) – aw26@uw.edu
Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable: James Bohman (Saint Louis University); David Henderson (University of Nebraska, Lincoln); Mark Risjord (Emory University); Paul Roth (UC – Santa Cruz); Stephen Turner (University of South Florida).
European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences: Alban Bouvier (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris); Byron Kaldis (Hellenic Open University, Athens); Eleanora Montuschi (University of Venice); Julie Zahle (University of Copenhagen); Jesús Zamora-Bonilla (UNED, Madrid).

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