The purpose of the European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences (ENPOSS) is to promote, encourage and facilitate academic discussion and research in the philosophy of the social sciences. To see the full text, click here.

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Call for Papers: ENPOSS 2016

University of Helsinki, Main Building


August 24-26 2016

 The European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences (ENPOSS) invites contributions to its 5th Conference to be held in Helsinki in August of 2016 and organized by TINT. Contributions from all areas within the philosophy of the social sciences are encouraged. Moreover, contributions from both philosophers and social scientists are welcome.

Christian List (LSE)
Helen Longino (Stanford University)
Contributions can be either of individual papers or of special-theme symposia, and they must be submitted through EasyChair https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=enposs2016. Only one contribution per person will be considered.
- Deadline for submission: March 1st, 2016
- Notification of acceptance: May 1st, 2016
For individual paper submissions, an abstract between 800 and 1000 words suitably prepared for blind reviewing should be submitted.
For submission of symposia, comprising 3 to 4 papers, a single document for each symposium must be uploaded. It must contain the title of the symposium, the name of the organizer(s), the names of all the authors and titles of their papers, a general abstract of the symposium (between 400 and 500 words), plus an abstract of each single paper (between 500 and 600 words each).
Each submission, whether of an individual paper or a symposium, will be blindly reviewed by two members of the Scientific Committee.

Selected papers from the conference will be published in an annual special issue of the journal Philosophy of the Social Sciences.

For information about the conference, please visit the website: http://www.helsinki.fi/enposs16.

Jaakko Kuorikoski, Caterina Marchionni, Uskali Mäki, and Petri Ylikoski (chair)

Alban Bouvier (Paris), Byron Kaldis (Athens), Eleonora Montuschi (Venice), Julie Zahle (Copenhagen), and Jesús Zamora-Bonilla (Madrid).

Daniel Andler, Erik Angner, Richard Arena, Sharon Crasnow, Igor Douven, Dave Elder-Vass, Brian Epstein, Uljana Feest, José Luis Ferreira, Juan Carlos García-Bermejo, Frank Hindriks, Todd Jones, Hans-Herbert Kögler, Arto Laitinen, Daniel Little, Lee McIntyre, Chrysostomos Mantzavinos, Emmanuel Picavet, Stéphanie Ruphy, Eric Schliesser and Karsten Stueber.

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