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List of Members (in alphabetical order)

Name Research Areas
Eda Keskin
Edmundo Balsemão Emergence and Complexity, Ethical/Political Issues and Social Sciences, Systems theory
Edoardo Peruzzi Philosophy of Economics, Models and Social Sciences, Quantitative Methods in Social Science
Eivind Balsvik
Eleonora Montuschi
Eliana Santanatoglia Evolutionary Theory and Social Science, Emergence and Complexity, Holism & Individualism, Institutionalism and Institutional Theory, Rational Choice Theory, Game Theory and Sociality, Decision Theory, Collective Rationality, Evolutioniary Accounts of Rules and Institutions
Elisa Vecchione Social Epistemology and Cognitive Sociology, Ethical/Political Issues and Social Sciences, Models and Social Sciences, Argumentation Theory, Rhetoric and Social Sciences, Institutionalism and Institutional Theory