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List of Members (in alphabetical order)

Name Research Areas
Carmen Domenech
Craig Fox
Carlo Genova Hermeneutics and Phenomenology, Paradigms and Research Traditions in Social Sciences, Qualitative Methods in Social Science, Social Ontology
Charalampos Kokkinos Philosophy of Technology, Critical Theory, Artifact, Epistemology of Engineering, Theory of Culture
Christian Piller
Mihai-Dan Cirjan
Claus Harringer
Charles Lowe
C. Mantzavinos
Corinna Elsenbroich Collective Intentionality, Collective Rationality, Collective Agency, Formal Epistemology, Analytical Sociology, Causation in the Social Sciences, Game Theory and Sociality, Philosophy of Sociology, Social Mechanisms, Social Norms, Social Ontology, Social Simulation, Agent Based Modelling
Corrado Matta
Carl Wagner Bayesianism in Social Science
David Gindis Collective Agency, Collective Intentionality, Collective Responsibility, Institutionalism and Institutional Theory, Philosophy of Economics, Realism and Anti-Realism, Social Ontology
Davide Rizza