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List of Members (in alphabetical order)

Name Research Areas
Tomasz KwarciƄski Ethical/Political Issues and Social Sciences, Philosophy of Economics, Social Choice Theory
Tobias Hansson Wahlberg Causation in the Social Sciences, Social Ontology, Philosophy of time and persistence
Stephen Turner Causation in the Social Sciences, Cognitive Sciences and Neurosciences, Economics of Scientific Knowledge, Philosophy of Sociology, Social Epistemology and Cognitive Sociology, Social Norms, Value-Neutrality in the Social Sciences
Tuukka Kaidesoja Analytical Sociology, Causation in the Social Sciences, Critical Realism, Philosophy of Sociology, Realism and Anti-Realism, Social Mechanisms, Social Ontology
Uljana Feest Cognitive Sciences and Neurosciences, Experiments in Social Sciences, Paradigms and Research Traditions in Social Sciences, Philosophy of Psychology, methodology of the social sciences, social psychology
Stuart Umpleby