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List of Members (in alphabetical order)

Name Research Areas
Ruchika Singh
Ruth Hagengruber
Sabrina Intelisano
Sandra Balbierz Holism & Individualism, Philosophy of Sociology, Sociology of Science
Sarah Cordonnier Ethical/Political Issues and Social Sciences, Institutionalism and Institutional Theory, Paradigms and Research Traditions in Social Sciences, Qualitative Methods in Social Science, Social Epistemology and Cognitive Sociology, Sociology of Science
Sean Muller Causation in the Social Sciences, Decision Theory, Experiments in Social Sciences, Models and Social Sciences, Philosophy of Economics, Quantitative Methods in Social Science
Plutniak Sébastien Sociology of Science, Philosophy of Archeology, History of Science
Senthuran Bhuvanendra
Sergio Urueña López Philosophy of Technology, Epistemology, Philosophy of Future Studies, Anticipation.