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List of Members (in alphabetical order)

Name Research Areas
Helen Mussell Critical Realism, Feminism and Social Science, Philosophy of Economics, Gender studies
Hubert Cambier Holism & Individualism, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Political Science, Psychoanalysis and Philosophy, Social Ontology, Critical Realism
Henri Wagner Philosophy of Anthropology, Anthropology
Inmaculada Higueras
Iryna Vavilova Philosophy for children, children philosophy
Igal Galili Philosophy of Science in Physics Education
Ina Dimitrova
Vincent Blok
Inkeri Koskinen Philosophy of Anthropology, Philosophy of the Humanities
Jaakko Kuorikoski
Jaime Valenzuela Matus Ethical/Political Issues and Social Sciences, Formal Epistemology, Value-Neutrality in the Social Sciences, history and philosophy of science
J. Francisco Alvarez Argumentation Theory, Rhetoric and Social Sciences, Philosophy of Economics, Economics of Scientific Knowledge, Collective Rationality, Bounded rationality in social sciences
Jan Hartman Qualitative Methods in Social Science
Ian Jarvie Philosophy of film
F Javier Gil Martín
Juan Carlos Squitieri Philosophy of Sociology, critical rationalism, social studies on poverty
Janette Dinishak Cognitive Sciences and Neurosciences, Philosophy of Psychology, Social Cognition, Ethical/Political Issues and Social Sciences, Philosophy of Psychiatry
Jeffrey David Turk Critical Realism, Collective Intentionality, Social Ontology, Qualitative Methods in Social Science, Models and Social Sciences
Jeroen Van Bouwel Holism & Individualism, Philosophy of Sociology, Philosophy of Political Science, Philosophy of Economics, Social Epistemology and Cognitive Sociology, Value-Neutrality in the Social Sciences, Explanation in the Social Sciences