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Name Research Areas
David Bowling
David Primrose Economics of Scientific Knowledge, Critical Realism, Ethical/Political Issues and Social Sciences, Evolutionary Theory and Social Science, Institutionalism and Institutional Theory, Paradigms and Research Traditions in Social Sciences, Philosophy of Economics, Philosophy of Geography and Spatial Analysis in Social Sciences, Philosophy of Political Science, Philosophy of Sociology, Social Ontology, Sociology of Science, Marxism; agri-food systems; society-ecology relations; capitalism
David Budtz Pedersen Philosophy of the human and social sciences
Daniel Little
Demet Evrenosoglu methodological individualism / holism, political implications of method in social science.
Daniel Little Causation in the Social Sciences, Critical Realism, Emergence and Complexity, Holism & Individualism, Philosophy of History, Qualitative Methods in Social Science, Realism and Anti-Realism, Social Mechanisms