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Name Research Areas
Kristin Kokkov
Krzysztof C. Matuszek Emergence and Complexity, Ethical/Political Issues and Social Sciences, Evolutionary Theory and Social Science, Philosophy of Sociology, Social Cognition, Social Ontology, Social Systems Theory; Realism and Constructivism
Krzysztof SoƂoducha
Karsten Stueber Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of History, Philosophy of Psychology, Social Cognition, Hermeneutics and Phenomenology, Empathy, Philosophy of Mind, Mental Causation, Folk-Psychology, Rule-Following, Norms, Understanding vs. Explanation, Narratives, Davidson, Wittgenstein
Leonidas Tsilipakos Philosophy of Sociology, Ethical/Political Issues and Social Sciences, Argumentation Theory, Rhetoric and Social Sciences, Causation in the Social Sciences
Lars Osterloh Decision Theory, Ethical/Political Issues and Social Sciences, Game Theory and Sociality, Holism & Individualism, Institutionalism and Institutional Theory, Philosophy of Anthropology, Philosophy of Political Science, Social Cognition, Social Norms, Social Ontology, Theory of Formation (Bildung); Theory of recongition
Lee McIntyre Emergence and Complexity, Experiments in Social Sciences, Explanation, Reduction, Naturalism