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List of Members (in alphabetical order)

Name Research Areas
Federico Boccaccini Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Psychology, Phenomenology, History of Psychology
Federico Brandmayr
Francesca Felder
Florin Popa
Federico Schuster Collective Agency, Hermeneutics and Phenomenology, Philosophy of Political Science, Holism & Individualism, Institutionalism and Institutional Theory, Philosophy of Sociology, Critical Realism, Social Ontology, Value-Neutrality in the Social Sciences
Farzad Mahootian Emergence and Complexity, Psychoanalysis and Philosophy, Process Philosophy; Metaphor in the Sciences; Laboratory Ethnography
Francesco Guala Experiments in Social Sciences, Game Theory and Sociality, Philosophy of Economics, Social Ontology
François Claveau
Frederik Zahle Social Cognition, Argumentation Theory, Rhetoric and Social Sciences, test
Frederik Zahle
Gustavo Cevolani Formal Epistemology, Realism and Anti-Realism, Rational Choice Theory
maria rosaria garofalo
Gerhard Fröhlich, a.Univ.Prof.Dr.
Gianluca Pozzoni Causation in the Social Sciences, Collective Agency, Holism & Individualism, Models and Social Sciences, Paradigms and Research Traditions in Social Sciences, Philosophy of Political Science, Philosophy of Sociology, Critical Social Science
Gillian Bankas
Helena Hachmann Philosophy of Economics, Social Epistemology and Cognitive Sociology, Models and Social Sciences, Causation in the Social Sciences, Paradigms and Research Traditions in Social Sciences
Eugene Heath